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Starting A Landscaping Project: What to expect

Isn’t it exciting knowing your property is about to be transformed just the way you’d like?

If it’s your first or even the tenth time having work done on your property, the excitement never does go away.

Here are a few things for homeowners to consider.


Depending on the scope of the project, you may need to pick out an alternate spot to park your vehicles. For the sake of speedy completion, it is always beneficial to provide abundant space for our construction team. Which means, we may need your driveway to store building materials, machinery, the whole nine yards.


Having the neighbors on your side during construction can prevent many unforeseen issues. There is always a certain level of noise and messiness associated with renovating and landscaping, communicating this to the neighbors beforehand doesn’t hurt. Again, depending on the scope and the layout of your property, our workers may have to go through your neighbor’s property to access a certain part of yours. If this is to be a likely scenario, we will always let you know first.


When things happen outside of our control, like inclement weather or material unavailability, delay may take place. Finishing everything in a timely manner always remains our top priority and we’ll use everything in our power to do so.


We love furry companions (check out our mascot dog Christie)! If you have an outdoor cat or a dog in the backyard, kindly inform them that some work will be taking place on their turf! It may be a good time to send them inside for a nice indoor getaway away from the hubbub of construction.

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