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You May Be Killing Your Own Lawn

If you are regularly using pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides on your lawn, better think again.

We get it, sometimes to combat them pesky buggers, you just want to go all Mad Queen and turn your lawn into King’s Landing. But even Daenerys only did it once, and got killed for it (you won’t get killed of course! But you get my point).

A close up photo of your lawn on chemicals.

When you go all out with the pesticide, you are essentially killing everything that isn’t the grass on your lawn. That includes beneficial insects and microorganisms which all have important roles in the ecosystem. You don’t want to get rid of those guys for sure. Also, the bees are dying.

A lot of the insects that you do want to get rid of have the nasty habit of building up a resistance to the chemical warfare you’re waging. You have probably seen how it gets less effective pretty quickly after the first 2-3 uses. Yeah, nature is strong, bro.

Likewise, the fungicides and herbicides that you’re using are not doing anyone any favours either. The fungicides kill the friendly fungi in your soil that help your grass absorb nutrients better. Without them, your lawn won’t be eating right, and my grandma has always told me you have got to eat right.

"Are your parents even feeding you?"

So, because your lawn isn’t getting all the nutrients, you decide to apply a hearty dose of synthetic fertilizers. The synthetic stuff already doesn’t bond well with the soil, on top of it all you have already damaged the nutrient-absorbing fungi in your lawn. Which means, whenever you water your lawn or whenever it’s raining, the fertilizers will be washed away with the water before your lawn even has a chance to absorb them. You’re basically letting your money flow down the storm drain at this point. Talk about making it rain.

As a huge favour to the planet, let's all reduce our usage of synthetic chemicals. They don't do what we think they do so why are we using them all the time?

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